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Liglig, better known as “ligligkot” is a hilltop located in Palungtar Municipality of GorkhaNepal. It is located at the height of 1437 meters (4790 feet) mean sea level. Gorkha District has a long and intriguing history. It’s where a royal dynasty got its start and the famous Gurkha soldiers got their name. Located 80 kilometers (50 mi) due west of Kathmandu (140 kilometers by road). It is the place where the former monarchy of Nepal was established.

Drabya Shah, then the brother of King Narahari Shah of neighboring Lamjung District established the small kingdom at around 1616 BS /(1559 AD). Still the remaining stones of the ancient palace could be seen in the hilltop at Ligligkot.


Origin of Word Liglig

There have been different opinions regarding the origin of the word “Liglig”. However, it is assumed that it came from the word “lingling” from Magar language meaning clear, pristine, beautiful view. It seems plausible as it fell on the Magar kingdom then, and Magar language was the predominant in that part of the region. Later, after the victory of Shah kings, the Nepali language ( Khas Kura) took over the prevalent Magar language in Liglig, Gorkha.

History of Liglig kingdom

In Ligligkot it was decided that whoever won the race from Chepeghat to the Ligligkot top will be the king for next year (however some historians deny it and say that the start point was from Chorkate the other side of the Chepeghat. Dalsur Ghale was king of Ligligkot . The race would be organized every Dashain Tika day. Only Ghale origin would be able to participate in this race. The race was started in 1604 BS. The race were always won by the local Ghales. In 1616 BS, Drabya Shah, brother of then King Narbhupal Shah of Lamjung district became friends with Ghale and tricked them to drink lots of liquor and killed Ghale’s King. Since then, the Shah dynasty was established in the Ligligkot kingdom and his descendants established the Gorkha kingdom and one of the Shah descendant Prithvi Narayan Shah established Nepal winning small kingdoms scattered around the Gorkha district. There have been different stories regarding the history of Liglig kingdom. The widely accepted notion states that after the death of Yakshya Malla, the Gorkha kingdom was under Palpa‘s King Mukunda Sen. After the demise of King Mukunda Sen their sons couldn’t control their big kingdom resulting the small kingdoms in Gorkha with the respective administrators being the kings.


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