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There is a legend that the famous Gorkha Durbar of Nepal was built during the reign of King Ram Shah. Legend has it that the wood of Thupariya used to reach Majhkot at night during the day to build this palace. It is said that this palace was built in Majhkot after this happened many times. King Ramshah was very just. Due to this, the tactic of “go to Kashi without education, go to Gorkha without justice” was developed. It is said that mana, pathi, dhak and scales were developed during his time for the development of scales. We had seen all this kept in the tundal of Vishnu Panchayat Temple till 2012-15.

Evidence has been found that King Ramshah was not only a lover of justice but also a lover of development. During his time, the construction of Rani Pokhari, construction of Panchayat temples, and good relations with the Muslims led to the construction of the Mahadev Temple, a symbol of friendship, with a dome mixed with Muslim art.

Gorkha Durbar, built in 1971 BS, had not been a unification of Nepal at that time. Even at that time, the oiled bricks, shingles, wooden windows, doors and tundals installed in Gorkha Durbar are proof that they were made from external forts. There is also a legend that the kings and maharajas of this time used to live on the top of the hill for security reasons.

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