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Introduction to Gorkha

King Prithvinarayan Shah – and brave Gorkha solders ultimately came to success to make greater Nepal. Provoke of Nepal is

“If you don’t get justice, go to Gorkha”.


Gorkha district is located 140 km northwest of the capital of Nepal. Gorkha district is 120 km from Pokhara, the main city of Nepal, and 64 km from Narayanghat and Chitwan. The land area within the district is 65.2% in the Himalayas, 25.7% in the central hills and 10.1% in the rivers. The latitude of this district is 27 15′-2815 ‘north and the longitude is 84 27’ -8585 ‘east. Total area: 3610 sq km (345600 ha), environment: 05 centigrade to 27 centigrade. The culture of this district is Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist and some Christian. The population of this district is 288134 (134407 males and 153727 females) as per the census of BS. Main Mountains: Manaslu 8163 min. Himachali 7893 min. Ganesh Himal 7429 min. Nyagdi Chuli 7871 min. Buddhist Himal 6672 m. Shringi Himal 7187 m.

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